The Space of Peace

Conscious Horse Conscious Rider :: The Space of PeaceChristmas is around the corner and I can recall the times when I desperately desired to get a certain present which never ended up under the tree for me. Nowadays I can buy myself my own present and how often do we actually let ourselves have that ‘silly’ present we truly desire? Or do we come up with reasons and justifications to why we should not have it?

Like a horse! That is a big present. But what true gift could it be to you? For me it is the demand to be present. When I drift off and away, she will immediately do something that will get my attention. And being present is not what I though it was either. I thought it was being focussed, but she taught me in no uncertain terms that being present was being the space of peace. No thoughts, no feelings, no emotions, just the space of peace. What gift has your horse been to you?

Happy Holidays!
Suzy Godsey

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Conscious Horse Conscious Rider