Recently I was at Anni Nash’s house sharing some Access body-work and I had this desire to combat my fear of horses and get up-close and personal. I have had fear since I was about nine when I walked behind a horse and was kicked in both knees – ouch!
I knew it was the right time and place so when Anni asked, “Would you like to run some energy on Abrakadabra?” I said, “Sure.”
So feeling okay about this, I put my hands on Abrakadabra while Jacqui held her reins and when I was told what the horse’s signs were, that they were really enjoying it and relaxing, I just couldn’t believe it – wow – and then I just wanted to cry. I felt so gratef…

Ngaire P.

I had some cool, exciting Access wins that I wanted to share. As you know, these tools are amazing!!! I’m thrilled. Tickled pink.

My horse has experienced lameness issues for a little over a year. He’s had white line separation, hoof wall resections and special shoeing. After the therapuetic shoes were placed, the farrier thought the horse had a good chance of being sound (if the source of the pain was in the compromised structure following the resection), but “If not,” he advised, “then we’ll know there’s more internal damage than we thought.”

I have been working with a business coach for about a year now. She learned about Access [E…

Sarah Tymeson. Minnesota. USA

What could be more exciting , more expansive and more rewarding than a five-day Conscious Horse Conscious Rider workshop with Gary Douglas, founder of Access Energy Transformation and Mark Donovan, an Australian advanced-horseman with the infinite capacity to change and transform energy fields for both horse and rider as one.

The combination of early morning rides, daily workshops in the rodeo, and shared bars and body work in the evenings led to extraordinary expansions generating infinite possibilites no one could have perceived. As we learned about the horses and the capacity of healing, trust, awareness, perceiving, knowing and being; we …

Susan Lazar Hart. Canada

I must write and tell you what an awesome time I had in Costa Rica at the Conscious Horse Conscious Rider course in January.

I attended desiring to show up as a good rider. Wow,I achieved that with assistance from Gary Douglas who showed us all how to be in communion with our horses, to extend their zone and allow them to gift energy to us.

It was amazing to ride out in the wonderful countryside in harmony with everything. The tools and clearings of Access Energy Transformation enabled me to let go of old limiting patterns of riding with fear and doubt and be in tune with my horse.

One of the highlights was a demonstration of riding when G…

Melanie C. Australia

I have spent my entire (50+) years of life choosing to be with horses in ANY way I could create. I am content to ride, feed, bathe, clean stalls, tend wounds or simply watch them from a distance. In January 2008 my 12 year old son and I participated in CHCR in Costa Rica. We rode each morning and had classes every afternoon for five blissful days.
Being an overly protective parent (correction; USED to be), I asked that Hudson ride with the beginner group. After our first ride Hudson told Gary (not me!) that he was bored. Unbeknownst to me Gary evaluated Hudson’s riding skill. Hudson describes this experience as a private riding lesson with …

Sally Apy. USA

He has shown me the true way to live life and have fun with animals especially horses.
In my week-long visit to Costa Rica I accomplished so much in such little time it was like I was reborn. Since I’ve been back I have been living a much happier life and growing closer to every animal I ever believed I had a true, understanding relationship with.

My favorite example how much Gary taught me is, on my return I went to see my old horse friend Boomer who we think had his ear’s twisted when he was younger because he’s very shy when you go to touch them. Anyway I went back to see him and ran processes on him and every once and a while I would…

Gary Douglas Is A Miracle Worker

Thanks to Gary Douglas and Conscious Horse, Conscious Rider, my whole sense of horses and riding has changed. I have learned so much, and there is always more! I finally realized that I am a great rider and I keep getting even better!

Communion and connection with horses has always come naturally for me, but Gary showed me an entirely new world of what is possible with horses. Gary’s willingness to be a calm, assertive leader – both with horses and with people – makes it so easy to change old riding habits. Gary has an uncanny ability to communicate what is required to get the most out of any horse and rider.

In just four 20-minute sessions …

I Finally Realised I Am A Great Rider

Gary has a perspective on horses that is found nowhere else and it cries for an audience. No other clinician that I know of, (and I know of most of the major ones) has the intuitive ability to read a horse and owner that Gary has demonstrated to us again and again. I’m the biggest skeptic in the world, but he has a gift that I, with my Mr. Spock like journalistic logic, can’t put my finger on. The most recent example of that is Vicki’s new horse. I reiterate – Gary told her that Bruja wasn’t the horse that would stay with her and wanted to move on, and that there was another horse coming to her. It happened.

Steven Long, Editor and AuthorAuthorHorseback Magazine

Someone I know once said “Everything I ever learned about riding, I learned from a horse.”

After taking the Conscious Horse class in Washington last weekend I get where he is coming from. The class was phenomenal. Gary worked on horses that gave up entities, uncreated and destroyed projections, decisions and attachments and the horses CHANGED, there behavior was different, their bodies looked different. The changes were obvious even to the participants who were experiencing Access for the first time.

To see the ease with which the horses uncreated their limitations was such a gift as an Access facilitator. They did not need to believe in ener…

Glenna Rica. USA

Recap of Amazing CHCR Intro in Brisbane!

Amazing class I deeply appreciate Gary and Suzy they have both helped me soooooo much! I was live on the class at 3am in Colorado, and may I say I was wide awake for the whole class and raring to go to work when the class was over. I am super excited to see the class coming to California next year and creating the space and the money to be there! Thank you for all you do and livestreaming and being who you be, all of you who brought this to me!!!!!!!!

Marsha Webb

Conscious Horse Conscious Rider


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