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Jacque Chapman, www.jacquechapman.com, is a Certified Facilitator with Access Consciousness She is an international facilitator, entrepreneur,  and a business consultant for over 20 years. A lifelong horsewoman , she is an expert in equine kinesiology and holistic care.  She offers a unique blend of pragmatic wisdom and candid awareness that is the invitation to greater choice and possibility for the body and the being.

“I have been involved with natural healing for many years and much of my ‘education’ has come through my love of horses.  I spent decades taking in ‘rehab’ horses that several vets would advise euthanization and then these ones would come to me.  Asking the horse what it’s body required and what it desired was key to begin the healing. 

Horses are Masters at the art of ‘Being’.  Animals are just in their awareness.  What if we were to operate from such a space of awareness for ourselves?  Rather than living in a ‘sticky’ place of judgement, and points of views, and what is right, and what is wrong…what would change if you were able to simply live from the gift of your awareness?”

Conscious Horse Conscious Rider Class  July 16/17  Eagle Mount Arena Bozeman, Montana, USA

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