Gary Douglas has been riding horses since he was just four years old. He is a horse whisperer and best-selling author who is renown for his unique talents and abilities with horses. He has his own horse ranch in California, where he breeds and raises the Costaricense de Paso horses from Costa Rica and is the creator of Conscious Horse Conscious Rider Episodes, a TV series pilot the horses asked him to create.


Gary Douglas’ Conscious Horse Conscious Rider workshops facilitate greater awareness and communion with animals. Whether it be a dog, a cat or a horse, he says it is possible for anyone to learn how to clear entities, facilitate emotional and physical ailments and create a better connection with animals. Animals are a huge contribution to us and in these workshops we are learning to listen to these magnificent beings and assist them and us to overcome barriers that are stopping us from a deeper connection. The tools presented are easy to learn, pragmatic and people that attended are amazed how effortless it is to apply them.


Gary Douglas Conscious Horse Conscious Rider


Gary is the founder of Access Consciousness®; a world-wide organization dedicated to empowering people to know that they know, which offers pragmatic tools to change things in your life that you may not have been able to change until now.

Gary, along with co-founder Dr. Dain Heer, facilitates Access Consciousness® workshops, classes and seminars on a broad range of topics. They are the authors of more than 15 books and numerous CDs and DVDs and can be heard weekly on Voice America.


Conscious Horse Conscious Rider