Something’s Coming Folks!

Conscious Horse Conscious Rider :: Something’s coming folks

Can you feel it?

I didn’t go searching for Access Consciousness. I didn’t find a class online, get an enthusiastic referral, or go to a bars class with a friend. I live in a small town 30 minutes south of Dallas, TX, called Cedar Hill, and Access came to me about a year ago.

A friend emailed me a flyer one day with no Point of View at all. Just – “Hey, this is right down the street from you. I have no idea what it’s about. I’m not going, but I thought you might wanna take a look.”

The Conscious Horse, Conscious Rider class was coming 10 minutes away from my horse ranch to another barn nearby. HUmmmm, Horses, me, closeby – Why not?

Just as I took my seat on the comfy couch in the classroom after unloading 2 of my horses I wanted to use for the class, I got a phone call and excused myself. One of my 6 dogs had just been attacked and was bleeding from her throat. My partner was hysterical, animal control was on their way to put the dog down, and I was headed back into my first day of an Access Class.

Conscious Horse Conscious Rider :: Suzy GodseyTo say I was grateful to be in the room with Suzy Godsey would be an understatement. I could only hold in my grief and shock for so long before it let loose and I was sobbing. I didn’t want to make the class about me and what had happened but I did need some help processing it and Suzy was right there for me the whole time.

I can’t tell you I really had a clue what was going on in that first class with the clearing statement and all the new ideas, expansion, and brilliance swirling around me, but I was enamored of this woman with the German accent and I wanted to take her home with me.

So I did. After class, Suzy graciously agreed to come over and do some private sessions with me and my partner and so it began. I had my first Foundation/Level One booked in New York with Blossom Benedict by the end of the day.

Now something life changing is coming again. To me. To my neck of the woods. Not in Cedar Hill (because we needed the biggest and best venue around) but near me in Denton, TX. Once again, Access is coming to me to offer me the change I’ve been asking for.

This time it’s bigger, it’s inconceivable – The wonderful Suzy Godsey is coming back, but she’s not coming alone… she’s bringing in the big guns… she’s coming with Gary Douglas.

These 2 phenomenal beings are going to be in my home state, in my vicinity, for 7 days of classes. A full week. And are you ready for the clincher? WE’RE GONNA BE WITH HORSES THE WHOLE TIME!!!

Conscious Horse Conscious Rider :: Suzy GodseySo lemme just see if I can get this straight. With just one Access Consciousness class one year ago with horses and Suzy and my whole life was set on a trajectory that I could never have imagined or even made up at the time…I wonder what in the world will be created now with BOTH SUZY AND GARY (AND HORSES) in TEXAS to facilitate Conscious Horse, Conscious Rider?!?!?!?

Do you feel THAT? THAT energy?!?!?

Wanna come to a clinic? It won’t be powerful or life changing at all!

So whatever you do, do not go directly to the Access Site, immediately after reading this, and find an upcoming CHCR Clinic!

Amy Hirsch

The Shift

I have been around horses my whole entire life and I am sure that this isn’t the first life time that I have had the honor of their presence.

The summer of 2015, Hanne Stiggard travelled from Denmark to my home in Alberta, Canada to facilitate the amazing CHCR class.  As the host I made sure that there were many horses at the class for Hanne and the rest of the participant’s to play with for the two day class.

I happened to bring my Dad’s buckskin mare Nikki, she is no taller than 15 hands and is one of the fiercest horses I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.  She had asked to be one of the first horses that we chose to play with that morning and I quickly went to get her from the pasture.

As this horse facilitated huge change for many of us in the group that morning, I had asked her if she would like to have an Access Consciousness Body Process ran on her body, and that was a huge YES!

Quite some time had passed, and the energy dissipated and I was aware that Nikki’s session was complete at this time.  As I stood beside this “tough as nails” horse, I was thinking of all the times she kept me, my sister and my Dad safe.

On a side note, as a family we would spend many summer vacations riding in the Canadian Rockies, over mountains, through rivers and streams.  We did A LOT of things with our horses to chasing cattle and roping cattle.  My families “interesting point of view” about horses was that we had them to work, we had a lot of fun with them but there job was to work hard when we needed them too.  This was not an option for the horses that owed us; it was expected.

Now back to that beautiful sunshiny summer morning where I was standing next to Nikki mare, thinking of all the amazing things that she has done for me and my family, as well as thanking her for the beautiful filly she assisted in creating, four springs ago…….as the gratitude whooshed over my body, I looked into that horses gorgeous eye, as my arms were wrapped around her pretty face; I opened my mouth and THANKED her for absolutely everything.  Being a GIFT, and for just being her.  There was another whoosh over my body, Nikki was yawning and licking her lips as I stood there and cried.  I had thanked this mare and became very aware that everything in her universe shifted.  I was also very aware that gratitude for her was not expressed like that, maybe a quick pat on the neck and let out with the rest of the herd after a long day’s work.

The tools that are shared in CHCR classes not only have shifted so many things in my life, I can tell you that they will shift the lives of these amazing creatures that just keeping gifting to us.

Ashley McCaughey

The Space of Peace

Conscious Horse Conscious Rider :: The Space of PeaceChristmas is around the corner and I can recall the times when I desperately desired to get a certain present which never ended up under the tree for me. Nowadays I can buy myself my own present and how often do we actually let ourselves have that ‘silly’ present we truly desire? Or do we come up with reasons and justifications to why we should not have it?

Like a horse! That is a big present. But what true gift could it be to you? For me it is the demand to be present. When I drift off and away, she will immediately do something that will get my attention. And being present is not what I though it was either. I thought it was being focussed, but she taught me in no uncertain terms that being present was being the space of peace. No thoughts, no feelings, no emotions, just the space of peace. What gift has your horse been to you?

Happy Holidays!
Suzy Godsey

A ’Stallion’ And The Energy That Comes With It

Conscious Horse Conscious Rider :: Stallion and The Energy

We think horses come into this life not knowing what they desire. And yet if you have been around them you know that they have preferences on the things they like to do, areas where they accelerate  and others where they struggle. I once met this gelding who was quite subdued. His person had tried everything he knew to make this horse more alive and happy, but to no avail. He was just really unresponsive and unhappy. So we started asking the gelding questions, and we were all quite surprised with what we received from him: He had come into this life desiring to breed and give his gifts to offspring. He did not elaborate on what that would look like, but he was definitely set on this mission.

So, we apologized in the name of whoever decided to have him gelded for the action. We used the tools of Access Consciousness ™ and cleared him of any point of view he made because of that about people. He started picking his head up and started to look around at the people that were there. His eyes were softer and he connected for the first time. We then asked him if it was possible for him to energetically take other horses under his wing to show them whatever it was that he was going to pass on. The change that followed was incredible. He stuck his chest out, started even blowing, like a stallion and prancing.

At this point we had to ask the owner if he was willing to have a ’stallion’ and the energy that comes with it, and he said yes! When we brought the horse back the next day no-one in the group recognized him. It was like he had grown, his energy was present, alert and full of energy. This truly changed this horse forever. I still am in touch with the owner and years later we still have a happy, responsive, alert and awake horse! For this horse life changed in 30 minutes to a degree that was not conceivable before!

Conscious Horse Conscious Rider