Armina Bridgeman

I grew up around horses, I always say I was riding horses before I could walk. My mom and dad would put me in one of those child backpacker devices and take me on overnight horse rides✨How lucky was I to choose parents that enjoyed horses and allowed me the space and freedom to develop my own knowing around these beautiful animals, with no form or structure just a space where I could ride them with out the constructs of this “horse world” reality’s point of view. I spent my summers on week long wagon rides, rides to the lake to take our horses swimming, we also lived close to a Provincial Park which we spent a lot of time exploring, although horses were not allowed in it, I knew the trails and no trails better then the park rangers!

I have always known there was something special about horses and enjoyed being with them, they always have been contributing to me. It is hard to put into words what has changed since I took the Conscious Horse Conscious Rider Clinic and the facilitators training, I would say it has expanded that knowing and space of peace beyond anything I could have imagined. I am now able to communicate with them with ease. I also now have a gratitude for all horses and the kindness they BE.

A couple years ago I looked into the eyes of one of my horses and got sense of the depth of kindness that he BE. It brought tears to my eyes and still takes my breath away. I got in that moment that that is them, that is how they be, that is their natural state of being.

I wonder, what this world would be like I choose to be that space of kindness, peacefulness, vulnerability, joy, ease, no judgement, knowing and allowance?

Are you a seeker, a searcher a believer that there is more to life then just living day to day, what if you woke up everyday with a little joy, ease, fun and play? Do you feel stuck in a reality and are ready to choose more? There is so much magic in you, I wonder what else is possible?

I am a Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator and Conscious Horse Conscious Rider Facilitator and Practitioner, I love the changes that these simple tools and amazing processes can offer people to choose different and create different possibilities in their lives and with their bodies. Access Consciousness offers a different way of BEing with ease, joy and glory. How does it get any better that that? What else is possible?

Each and every Conscious Horse Conscious Rider Clinic I have facilitated is so different from the other, so when asked what this clinic is all about my mind has trouble finding the words, it is undefinable. CHCR is unlike any other class or horse clinic you will take, it is intense and so phenomenal, like  a Foundation/Body Class/Bars/Enity Class all in 2 days!

I look forward to hearing from you, so much awareness is waiting us all. I will travel to anywhere in the world to facilitate a class, contact me if you are interested in hosting a class. It is so fun to get together with you friends and family.

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Conscious Horse Conscious Rider Facilitator Armina Bridgeman

Cathy Dool

Conscious Horse Conscious Rider :: Cathy DoolCathy Dool started playing with horses as a young child without realizing her love of horses.  Having never been around horses, riding her first horse opened a new world.  Learning to ride a Shetland pony was a challenge and lead to a life of quarter horses and thoroughbreds doing gymkhanas, pack trips, racing, western pleasure competitions, rodeos, and just a greater love of horses.

And the gifts she received from horses has been endless – openness, stability, flexibility, consistency, communication, and leadership.  Skills needed for life and business. Horses have taken her on many of emotional journeys and were there when she lost both of her children providing emotional support and filling the void.  Horses have been there through the lows and highs of her life.  When challenges got too much, she escaped to the barn, saddled a horse and when for a ride.  It was in those moments, alone with her horse, the wind and sun, that clarity would come.

As a CHCR Facilitator, Cathy brings these skills to the class. “Horses react as humans do to intimidating leaders. Both respond to voice and body language. Horses are non-judgment and are like instant mirrors for humans.  They sense a person’s emotions, intentions, and thoughts that we humans convey subconsciously through our body language.  Working with horses and observing their responses, you can learn how to communicate more effectively, manage your emotions and face your fears, allowing you to become more consistent with your actions.”

So, whether you own a horse, love horses or are scare of horses, the CHCR classes can assist you with your building your awareness and skills.

Brigid Neylan

Conscious Horse Conscious Rider :: Brigid NeylanBrigid has been an access consciousness certified facilitator for 5 years. She has been facilitating change for people and animals for over 20 years using a range of energetic techniques and verbal processes. Applying a range of tools designed to get you (and your horse or animal) out of limitation. Her love affair with horses began as a little girl – and has not stopped !

In her mid-twenties, a fall and injury, marriage and then babies paused her life with horses and her work with dressage. The last few years slowly returning to riding and increasing work with horses and animals. The most wonderful awareness was that she could work on animals to create ease in their bodies and lives. Then in 2012, she discovered Access Consciousness and Conscious Horse, Conscious Rider – much to her delight and excitement. She attended her first horse ‘healing’ class in 2014 and has continued to develop this awareness and knowing with horses.

It has been a delight to feel where a horse has limitations – dis at easement – in its body and to facilitate a change to ease.  Developing communication with a horse is a powerful facilitation of change for her too. Based in Melbourne, Australia, Brigid offers Conscious Horse, Conscious Rider classes throughout Australia and is willing to travel anywhere in the world to facilitate this wonderful class.

Conscious Horse Conscious Rider