Conscious Horse Conscious Rider

Gary Douglas’ Conscious Horse Conscious Rider holds clinics world-wide that facilitate people in having a greater joy of riding and being with these amazing animals.

Available to riders of all levels, these clinics will provide you tools, teach you new techniques and open doors to awarenesses you’ve always had, but haven’t been able to access before.

“There is a level of consciousness that the horses have, where they can give to us in a way that we haven’t even begun to imagine, something far greater than anything that anyone has ever been able to speak about.” – Gary Douglas

Find out a whole lot more about CHCR on this site and check the Clinics menu to see where the next class is being held. You wouldn’t want to miss it … would you?


Conscious Horse Conscious Rider


Williams Tower
Suite 4100
2800 Post Oak Blvd
Houston, TX 77056

"People have to realize that the horse have always been our help mates, they are the beings that helped us to get from one location to another. They are the only reason we are across the entire face of the earth.
They are truly incredible beings who really only want to give to us and gift to us in all time."

- Gary M. Douglas