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Conscious Horse Conscious Rider

Everything I know I learned from my horse.

“Conscious Horse, Conscious Rider… What’s the fuss about?” with Hanne Stigaard

Join us and listen in while we interview Hanne Stigaard, a Conscious Horse, Conscious Rider Facilitator, world traveler, animal communicator, who works with the royal horses of Denmark. We'll be diving into the real juicy bits of what happens in these classes! And what's possible for YOU in one… CLICK HERE

Conscious Horse Conscious Rider :: Interview Hanne Stigaard

Afraid of Horses? Watch this woman’s journey.

Suzy Godsey - Hanging With Horses

Australia Google Hangout

View Video Here

Conscious Horse Conscious Rider Screening

With Viv Adcock and Suzy Godsey

View Video Here


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"People have to realize that the horse have always been our help mates, they are the beings that helped us to get from one location to another. They are the only reason we are across the entire face of the earth.
They are truly incredible beings who really only want to give to us and gift to us in all time."

- Gary M. Douglas